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1.  Select your topics.

2.  Pick two dates available.

3.  Call or email Kristine to schedule. 

4.  Relax knowing education is on it's way direct to you. 

Q.  Why should I take your seminar when I could take a webinar?

A.   Live seminars provide interactive information.  You can ask questions specific to your company.  Admit it, when you take a webinar you multi-task and only learn about 25% of the information. (And, you don't get to hear my jokes in a webinar.)

Q.  Do you do one-on-one training or only seminars?

A.  I do one-on-one with many new/seasoned HR managers, company owners running the whole show, or employees who have a claim and don't want to hire a lawyer but want to learn the work comp system.

Q. What are your fees for one-on-training?

A.   Smaller businesses need the education the most so I try to keep my fees very reasonable because I want people to learn! My fees are scaled so that the more you schedule the lower the fee.  Call and we'll go over the prices.    

Q.  What about the seminars, how many people must attend?

A.  The word seminar can sound overwhelming to some employers; it isn't.  I've put on educational training for five to a hundred people.  The fee depends on the location of the training, how many seminars you book and how many people will attend.  

Email with information about the topic(s) desired, number of seminars you are considering, your location and how many people would attend and I'll get pricing information to you.  

       Frequently Asked Questions

       Frequently Asked Questions

Personalized training is cost effective; you select the specific areas to learn. Call to discuss an affordable pricing package . 

Your business requires you to be PROACTIVE;

not reactive.  Learn the legal "ins and outs" now.